Shekarau Sani A.g. Chief Security Officer

The Security Division

The Security Division is under the Office of the Vice-chancellor, headed by the Chief Security Officer appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. The Security outfit has the following units: Intelligence Unit, Provost Unit and three shifts namely: morning, afternoon and night. The personnel are divided into two segments namely: security personnel with green and black uniform, and hunters with complete black uniform. The operations of the Security office and management are been discharged and coordinated by the Chief Security Officer, together with the the Deputy Chief Security Officer, Senior Security Officer, General Supervisor, OC Provost, and three Sectional Heads of the three shifts.


  •  To give maximum security service to the University and the University
  •  To ensure that the University is peaceful and conducive environment for effective research and learning.
  •  To develop confidence in the mind of the staff and students


  •  Maintenance of Law and Order through enforcing the Laws of the University.
  •  Issuance of both staff and students I. D. Cards.
  •  Daily Posting of Security Personnel to the various beats (duty posts) within and outside the campuses.
  •  Intelligent gathering of information that are relevant to security line.
  •  Daily checking and monitoring of the people, vehicle, motorcycles and luggage of those who are coming and going out of the University
  •  Daily patrol of the campuses and the houses of the principal officers.
  •  Proper documentation & recording of government and individuals properties within the campuses.
  •   Settling of matter arising between staff, students and even outsiders residing or going business within our campuses.
  •   Maintenance of cordial relationship and good synergy with the external securities in maintenance of law and order especially during both academic and social gatherings organize by the University.
  •  Weekly morning physical exercise/activities because will it boost the morale of the personnel.


  •  Maintenance of 24 hours surveillance for the safely of the University community.
  •  Provision of security for staff members, their families and properties within the University Campus.
  •  Provision of car labels for identification and security purposes.
  •  Provision of security for officials as well as staff vehicles on the Campus.
  •  Maintenance of a fire fighting unit equipment to combat fire outbreaks.
  •  Regulation of traffic within the University.
  •  Surveillance on stray domestic pets (dogs, cats, etc) on the Campus within staff quarters.


  •  The Security Unit of the University has sub-units which make it operate the duties effectively. It categorized as follow:
  •  Provost Unit: is responsible for discipline within the Security Division.
  •  Investigation Unit: this Unit is responsible for investigation of the matters, cases, when they happened.
  •  Intelligence Unit: this Unit is responsible for gathering of intelligence information and dissemination them to the Chief Security Officer for direction and further necessary action.
  •  Sectional Heads: were saddle with the responsibilities of posting of personnel under their shifts, it would be either morning, afternoon or night to their various beats/duty post, recording of daily activities happening within and outside the University beats/duty post.