School of Pre-Degree And Allied Programmes (SPAP)

Dr. Abubakar D. Bajoga MNIP

Director for SPAP

Brief Mandate of the Directorate

The main objectives of the school is to refresh students in their O’Level curriculum and to assist them face their JAMB examinations with better knowledge. The preliminary studies they undergo equally prepares them adequately for courses in the faculties. In the sciences, for example, the students are drilled in laboratory practicals.

Summary of Major Activities

The students in the School receive two types of training: They are coached in how to answer JAMB questions. Tutors therefore go through past examination questions with them. The WAEC/NECO curriculum is also revised with the students. Science students in particular have a chance to be involved in laboratory experiments. After registration students undergo orientation where they receive lectures on how to conduct themselves properly in the learning/teaching environment. They are instructed in mode of dressing, use of the library, need to avoid drug abuse, need for religious tolerance and harmony and imbibing the culture of maintenance and cleanliness in the environment.

Personnel of the Directorate

There are two types of personnel in the Directorate, namely: Administrative and Teaching Staff thus:

Administrative Staffs

S/N Title Name in Full Designation
1 Dr Dr. Abubakar D. Bajoga MNIP Director
2 Mrs. Halima Danfulani Gwani Deputy Director, Science
3 Mrs. Hussaina Tijjani Administrative Officer
4 Mr. Sa'adu Lamuwa A.C.C.O.
5 Mr. Saadu Bappah Idaya Senior Clerical Officer
6 Mr. Abdulmalik Isa Aliyu Laboratory Attendant
7 Mr. Auwal Baba Laboratory Attendant
8 Mr. Alhassan Hassan Suleiman Laboratory Attendant
9 Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Cleaner

Teaching Staff Category

S/N Category Number of Staffs
1 Chief Tutor Nil
2 Principal Tutor 1 04
3 Principal Tutor II 02
4 Senior Tutor 1 06
5 Senior Tutor II 07
6 Tutor 1 11
7 Tutor II 16
8 Tutor III 00
9 Total 46
10 Total 46
11 Total 46

Names of Heads of Units

S/N Name in Full Unit Head
1 Dr. Esther Kela Biology
2 Joel Maitale Jeroboam Chemistry
3 Bashir Bappahyaya Economics
4 Jamila Abubakar Usman English Language
5 Dr. Abdulkadir Saleh Government
6 Abdulkadir Isyaku Geography
7 Abdullahi Usman Garko Hausa Language
8 Haruna Mohammed Adamu History
9 Hassn ibrahim Literature in English
10 Ibrahim Bomala Adamu Mathematics
11 Salisu Abdulsalam Physics

Plans for the Future

It is hoped that the school will continue to operate as it produces well trained students that are easily absorbed in the faculties. At present, all staff that acquire their terminal degrees (PhD) are deployed to the faculties. In the near future therefore the bulk of the staff teaching in the SPAP will be sourced from the faculties.