Dr. Bunu Wali Gombe

The Medical Director University Health Center

University Health Center

The University Health Services (UHS) is the Unit vested with the responsibility of taking care of the entire University Community’s Health needs and associated issues like the occurrence and prevalence of diseases e.g. Meningitis, Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT) Infections, etc. The unit is under a Director; UHS and it has the Clinic which has five (5) Departments namely; the Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Nutrition, and Environmental Divisions respectively. The main objective of the UHS is service to the patients and clientele.


The University Clinic shall provide excellent Health care services to the Community. And it shall compete favourably with any other clinic/ sick bay in the tertiary institutions of learning.

Mission Statement

The provision of effective and acceptable Health care services through the procurement of more medical equipment, regular supply of essential drugs and employment of more Health specialists.


  •  To provide quality Health services to all stakeholders
  •  To provide public Health information, education and interventions

Activities/ Services Provided

  •  Regular Out Patients Care
  •  Immunizations
  •  Accident and Emergency (A&E) Care
  •  Family Planning Services
  •  Ante Natal Care (ANC) Services
  •  Guidance and Counselling Services
University Ambulance


  •  Dr. Bunu Wali Gombe, Bm Bch. Director, UHS
  •  Murtala Muhammad Abdu, RN., B.Sc. PGD., M.Sc. (in View) Head of Clinic
  •  Auwal Aliyu, Pharmacy Technician In charge of Dispensary
  •  Auwal Abubakar, Senior Driver In charge of Ambulance Unit
  •  Dahiru Baba Yuguda, Assistant Clerical officer, On training
  •  AbdulRahman Abdulkadir, SSCE. Assistant Clerical Officer In charge of Medical and Administrative Records
  •  Abdullahi Salihu, SSCE., ND. In charge of Cleaning
  •  Adamu Usman Abubakar, RN, BNSc, Certificate in General Computing (NYSC)
  •  Bashir Adamu Muhammad, RN, BNSc, Certificate in General Computer (NYSC)