Accommodation Infrastructure

As at present the Students’ Hostel structure consists of the following: For Male Students - Two three-storey blocks of 128 rooms each; - One block of “dormitory” structure (Algon A), having ten (24) rooms, each capable of accommodating ten (10) students; (pictures of male hostel) For the Female Students: - One three-storey block of 128 rooms each; - One block of 24 rooms, each capable of accommodating 10 students; - One block (Annex) of 8 rooms, capable of accommodating 110 students in all. (pictures of female hostel) The new structures were ideally, constructed for the accommodation of four (4) students per room, in form of two double-decker bed-space and wardrobes. The University management however, for fear of shortage, directed for the placement of six (6) students per room. With these provisions, in all, the University was able to (officially) provide accommodation for a total number of students as follows: Male Hostel: 1,792, Female Hostel : 1,324, Total: 3,116

Accommodation Policy

(i) Hostel accommodation, where available, will be provided for all Regular Under-Graduate Students – both Returning and Newly Admitted. However, All Post-Graduate, Part-Time and Diploma Students are expected to provide their own accommodation. Remedial Students may be considered in case of availability of space. (ii) Students qualified for accommodation must show evidence of registration / payment of school fees before being cleared for hostel. (iii) Noting the increase in number of students’ intake, hostel accommodation policy was designed by the Hall Management Committee, so as to give priority to certain category of students in the following order of preference: - All 400-Level Students; - Newly admitted students; - Physically challenged; - None-Indigenes (of Gombe State) students; - Students’ Union officials; - Sports officials; - Special request from management.
Male Students’ Hostel