Dr. Ahmed Muhammed Kabir, Head of Department


Computer Science is fundamental to the development of science and technology all over the world today. Computers are used as veritable tools for the advancement of Science and Technology. With the Microprocessor revolution that resulted in the popularity of the personal computers and the popular use of Internet, the knowledge of Computer and Information Technology today is necessary in order to survive the challenge of the digital world. The objectives of the B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science programme has, therefore been summarized as follows: i. To promote teaching and research in Computer Science with an emphasis to meet the educational, economic and social objectives of the state as well as that of the nation as a whole. ii. To keep pace with expanding frontiers of information technology across the world. iii. To provide qualified work force in the country to take it to new heights in the various developmental activities and thereby increasing the quality of life of the people.


The objectives of the Programme can be summarized as follows: i. To provide a broad and balanced foundation in Computer Science knowledge and practical skills in order to meet up with industrial demands. ii. To provide the much needed qualified workforce including teachers for primary, secondary schools and institutions of higher learning. iii. To produce computer professionals who are self-reliance to take care of the needs of various discipline. iv. To improve the quality and capacity of the workforce in the state civil service and also in order sphere of the needs of the country. v. To train graduates who are competent in computer and related courses that can pursue post graduate programmes in computer science and elated courses. vi. To produce graduates those are research oriented and can compete favorably with their counterparts elsewhere in the world.


The mission of the Programme is impacting the training of Computer Science to keep pace with the other countries in the advancement of modern information technology and effective use.


To produce graduates that will keep the moral of the country high by achieving modern technological advancement.

Admission Requirements

B. Sc. (HONS) Computer Science i. Direct Entry: Two „A‟ level passes in Science Subjects including Mathematics, OR NCE at not less than lower credit level in Mathematics and one other Science or Social Science subject. ii. UTME: Five „O‟ level credit passes to include English language, Mathematics, Physics and at least two (2) subjects from Chemistry, Economics and Geography. iii. Any other requirement as may be specified by the senate of the University.

Structure and Duration

The Duration of B. Sc. (Hons) Computer Science programme is four years except for Direct Entry students for whom it is three years. There are two semesters of formal University studies in each academic session. At 300 level, a student is expected to go for 6-month Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) after completion of the first semester courses at the end of which he/she has to write, present and defend a report on what he/she did or learnt in the industry. At 400 levels, students undertake a research project in any field of interest with applications of Computer Science, besides the usual prescribed courses.

Requirements Graduation

i. For a student starting at 100 levels to graduate he/she has to earn at least a total of 159 credit units of which 144 must be core. ii. For a Direct Entry (DE) student to graduate he/she has to earn at least a total of 113 credit units of which 98 must be core subjects.