Dr. Elisha Karu, Dean Faculty of Science


Faculty of Science is one of the three Faculties established since the inception of the University in 2005. The pioneer Dean was Dr. Garba Uba Goje then a staff on sabbatical leave from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. After him two expatriates Professors, L.N. Singh (2006 – 2007) and M. K, Mistra (2007 -2009) served as the Dean. Professor Ibrahim Musa Umar who took over was the Dean up to 2014 when he was appointed the Vice Chancellor. Dr. Elisha Karu took over from him and since then has been the Dean to date. The Faculty had 8 Departments namely, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Microbiology and Physics. The ninth Department, Department of Science Laboratory Technology was created towards the end of the year, 2019. On assuming office in the last quarter of 2019, the 3rd Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Aliyu Usman El- Nafaty created additional Departments in the Faculty. The Department of Biological Sciences that was becoming too large to manage was split into three Departments namely Departments of Biology, Botany and Zoology. Additionally the Department of Mathematics was split into two Departments, Mathematics and Computer Science and thus giving a total of 12 Departments in the Faculty as at the beginning of the 2019/2020 Academic Year. All the Departments except Biochemistry, Microbiology and Computer Science are accommodated in a three-storey Building known as the Faculty of Science Complex that was commissioned on 24th July 2019 by Professor Elias Suleiman Bagoro, the Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETfund). It is so far the biggest physical structure in the University if not in the entire Gombe Metropolis.

List of Departments under the Faculty of Science


Accreditation of the undergraduate programs is a continuous process undertaken by the regulatory body the National University Commission (NUC). A Full Accreditation status is granted for 5 years only after which the program is subjected to another accreditation process while an Interim Accreditation status is for two years in the first instance and if the program fails to earn Full Accreditation status after the interim period of two years, the program is then denied the approval to continue with that program. Due to the commitment demonstrated by the pioneer and subsequent Management of the University and deployment of resources, there has been no program that was denied accreditation.
S/N Department Undergraduate Programmes Accreditation Status
1 Biochemistry B.Sc. Biochemistry Full (2015)
2 Biological Sciences B.Sc. Biology, B.Sc. Botany and B.Sc. Zoology Interim, Full (2018), Full (2018)
3 Chemistry B.Sc. Chemistry B.Sc. Chemistry
4 Geography B.Sc. Geography Full (2018)
5 Geology B.Sc. Geology Interim (2018)
6 Mathematics B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. Mathematics, B.Sc. Statistics and Diploma in Computer Science Full (2018), Full (2018), Full (2018)
7 Microbiology B.Sc. Microbiology Full (2015)
8 Physics B.Sc. Physics Full (2016)
9 Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) B.Sc. Science Laboratory Technology Not Due