Dr. Aliyu Alhaji Abubakar,
Head of Department

Welcome From the Head Of Department

As the Head of Department, I am privileged to work alongside and bear witness to the development of the individuals whose ideas will impact business and management in the future. Business is the principal engine of value creation through innovation and entrepreneurship, economic success through productivity and sustainable business and through enterprises succeeding in international markets. It is about creating forms of value from ideas that can extend beyond financial to social and environmental value. Business is also about systemising those ideas through business vehicles, such as companies, and through ensuring people have skills to provide effective leadership and governance. Business can improve living standards and quality of life for individuals and for entire societies. The study of business matters. Learning how to create or do business better through learning about entrepreneurship also matters. Better business models and processes, a better fit between people and tasks, improved productivity, better decisions and better regulatory and policy frameworks are just some of the ways we can build a bridge to a better world. And therein lies our purpose. The Department of Business Administration remain focus on innovation and value creation, productivity and sustainable business, succeeding in international markets, and leadership and governance lay the foundations for understanding how and why business works. When you choose to study at the Department of Business Administration you become part of the Department DNA and a member of the large networked community that provides the backbone to our business ecosystem. This network encompasses students, alumni, partner organisations, international business and academic communities. The Department of Business Administration, Gombe State University is the home of research centres and researchers who focus on sustainable value creation in an increasingly digitised world. We are home to the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Centre of Digital Enterprise, our innovation and entrepreneurship programme. Students and staff of Department of Business Administration are engaged in a variety of initiatives of real social and economic benefit to this nation. Our people, our teaching and research programmes are increasingly engaging with, and making a difference to our community. In doing so we are helping to shape the futures of people and organisations for the benefit of Gombe State, Nigeria and the world. I invite and welcome you to join us. AA Abubakar (PhD) Email: hod.bus@gsu.edu.ng

Our Department

The Department of Business Administration, Gombe State University wouldn’t be what it is without the people who work here. Our staff are a mix of academics and high-achieving professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge to these programmes. We offer professional and personal development programmes in business administration that have helped to shape the lives and careers of many of Nigerian’s leading executives. Currently the Department offers the following programmes:
  •  1. PhD in Business Administration
  •  2. MSc. in Business Administration
  •  3. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  •  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  •  5. Degree in Business Administration (Both Full-Time and Part-Time)

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire and enable people to develop ideas, knowledge and skills that shape their personal and professional development, advance Gombe State and Nigeria business, influence the global economy and enhance society. We aim to:
  •  Produce graduates who have an impact by
  •  Developing a distinctive, evidence-based approach to business education that builds upon team-based learning, case-based teaching and experiential learning
  •  Maintaining a world-class student development Programme that maximises our students’ attractiveness to employers
  •  Reach practicing managers in more impactful and relevant ways by
  •  Creating a truly international Department of Business Administration
  •  Transforming the Post Graduate experience
  •  Engaging with Nigerian’s leading corporates and repositioning our executive MBA and PGDM Programme portfolio
  •  Creating a national, cooperative and flexible learning Programme for Gombe State enterprises
  •  Leveraging our world-class innovation ecosystem by leading Gombe State University wide initiative tasked with
  •  Building the commercialisation capabilities of researchers and working professionals engaged in finding “pathways to market”
  •  Creating the research programmes that support such initiatives.
  •  Creating the outreach and engagement programmes that will be critical to the initiative’s success and national impact
  •  Maximising the relevance and impact of our research programmes by
  •  Investing in the development of strategic research and education themes relevant to the economic challenges confronting Nigerian Business.
  •  Growing our research Programme enrolments.
  •  Growing external research income
  •  Growing cross-faculty engagement with major research projects/grants.

Where Can Business Administration Take You?

While studying at Department of Business Administration, you will not only acquire a set of professional skills. You will also enhance your personal and professional development as a leader and decision maker. You will gain the practical skills required to lead a business, as well as the confidence to apply them.

Explore your study options in Business Administration

Degree Programme overview The Department offers Full-Time and Part-Time degree Programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. With B.Sc. (Business Administration) Programme you will learn from the country’s best teachers and mentors to get a taste of every aspect of the business world. The real-world skills, knowledge and experience you will gain, along with the programme’s world-class accreditation and strong links to industry, will see you thrive in any industry you choose. From 2005/2006 session that, the Department come into existence, we are making some exciting changes to this programme, such as real-world case studies, applied skills and innovative workshops that will focus on mixing disciplines from the beginning of your first year
  •  Admission Requirement for BSc Business Administration
  •  Minimum of 5 credits at two sittings at most in English, Mathematics and Economics; other subjects to be added to make up the five may include any two of Accounting, Commerce, Geography, Government with appropriate UME scores
  •  The Gombe State University’s pre-degree Programme
  •  Direct entry (DE) for candidate with appropriate Diploma or NCE
The Programme is for a period of 4 years for UME and pre-degree candidates and 3years for direct entry candidates with individual project to be submitted at the end of 400 level. Note: DE candidates must possess the required O/L subjects given in (i) above For enquiry regarding BSc Business Administration Email: - ptdcoordinator.bus@gsu.edu.ng And copy enquiry.bus@gsu.edu.ng, hod.bus@gsu.edu.ng

Postgraduate Diploma in Business (PGD)

Our Postgraduate Diploma in Business (PGD) is designed for experienced middle managers looking to enhance their careers. The Programme is specifically design to provide basic and remedial training in Management for the purpose of preparing students for higher studies as well as for managerial positions in the private and public sectors of the economy. It is also meant to meet the long-awaiting interest groups who have had certain career development other than their original educational specialties and so wishes to change to their newly acquired sources of livelihood with the prerequisite knowledge in management and administration or might have had deficiency in the cause of their first degree in related Business Administration fields but now crave to correct the anomalies so as to measure up with a better intellectual trend to meet industry or academic requirement.
  •  Admission Requirement for PGD
  •  Five (5) Ordinary Level Credit Passes including English Language and Mathematics.
  •  Applicant with a Bachelor’s degree (in any administration-related major) from GSU or any accredited institution at home and abroad at a minimum CGPA or its equivalent at 2.00 or Third Class are eligible
  •  Applicants of recognized Chartered Institutes or Professional bodies at a minimum of Upper Credit or its equivalent may be considered.
  •  Satisfactory completion of NYSC program or exemption letter.
  •  Duration of the PGD Program
  •  A minimum of TWO (2) semesters and a maximum of FOUR (4) semesters shall be applicable to FULL TIME PGD Program
  •  A minimum of FOUR (4) semesters and a maximum of SIX (6) semesters shall be applicable for PART-TIME PGD Program where applicable.
  •  Graduating Requirement of PGD
  •  A Postgraduate Diploma shall have a minimum of 28 credits units of workload broken into 24 credit units of course work and 4 credit units of project report.
  •  To be in good standing, a student must in each semester have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 2.40.

Specialization Area in PGD

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Course Structure of PGD

In carrying out these programs, students are expected to fulfill certain criteria before they can get admitted into the post-graduate of the Gombe State University. The most required after securing admission into the University is the course-work which will comprise core courses and elective courses that will expose the student to the real specialty area. For the six (6) areas, the core courses are mandatory for all the students, irrespective of your specialty while the electives are meant for each given specialty. There are eight (8) core courses for the PGD program which are split into first and second semesters as follows:

Core Courses in PGD First Semester

Second Semester

Note: PGGS 701 (Use of Library & Information and Communication Technology) and PGGS 702 (Entrepreneurship Development) are compulsory.

Mode of PGD Program

All the Postgraduate Diplomas are run on the basis of Part-time/Full-time depending on the choice by the candidate.

Elective Course Structure of PGD

This aspect will consist of all elective courses for students specializing in management in addition to the core courses stipulated above

First Semester

Second Semester


A Student is mandated to have a minimum of 28 credit units (c/u) before he/she will be eligible to graduate. For enquiry regarding Postgraduate Diploma in Business (PGD):- Email: - pgdmcoordinator.bus@gsu.edu.ng And copy enquiry.bus@gsu.edu.ng, hod.bus@gsu.edu.ng

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is tailored for working mid- to senior-level executives. We offer broad business knowledge, skills and insights that will help you to succeed in senior leadership in a wide range of national and global sectors. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme is rigorous and relevant general management Programme designed to provide you with a breadth of business knowledge, skills and insights to succeed in senior leadership in a wide range of industries and sectors around the globe.

Programme overview

Future growth and economic prosperity will be driven by leaders who have the skills and knowledge to inspire excellence, growth and change while navigating a complex world. These are the skills and knowledge that are at the core of our MBA. Successfully completing our MBA will give you confidence, capability and the capacity to meet all professional challenges and opportunities head on.

Programme structure

The MBA Programme is taught on a semester-based system for the duration of the Programme. Each semester consists of classes delivered in weeks, assessments are mostly held within the period, and last week of the semester-based system is an exams week. Classes are delivered in weekend block format on a Friday afternoon and evening, and all day Saturday. In the final quarter of the MBA Programme students will have a practical opportunity to work alongside a business or corporate organisations of their choice in an advisory capacity, to develop strategic recommendations for growth locally and/or internationally. This semester-based system MAY also involve an international/local business trip.

Where Could This Programme Take You?

MBA study is a life-changing experience. It is not about simply acquiring a set of professional skills. It is an important transitional stage in both personal and professional development as a leader and decision maker. You will gain not only the practical skills required to lead a business, but the confidence with which to apply them.
  •  Admission Requirement of MBA
  •  Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in any specialization of Business administration from GSU or any accredited institution at home and abroad at a minimum of Second Class Lower or Bachelor’s degree in any field of study other than Business administration provided such candidate possesses a postgraduate Diploma in any specialized field of Business Administration from GSU or any other accredited institution at home or abroad.
  •  All candidates must possess the minimum O/L entry requirements into the University including credit pass in Mathematics and English.
  •  Applicants with HND in any field of Business Administration with a minimum of Upper Credit shall be considered but must possess a postgraduate Diploma in any specialization of Business Administration from a recognized institution.
  •  Applicants with Second Class Lower Division from any field of study other than Business Administration but possess a Post-graduate Diploma in any related field of Administration at Upper Credit level from GSU or any recognized institution at home or abroad may be considered. Provided the University matriculation requirements are satisfied.
  •  Duration of the MBA Program
  •  A minimum of FOUR (4) semesters and a maximum of SIX (6) semesters will be applicable for FULL-TIME MBA Program.
  •  A minimum of SIX (6) semesters and a maximum of EIGHT (8) semesters is applicable for PART-TIME MBA Program as the case may be.
  •  Graduating Requirement of MBA
  •  A Master’s Degree programme shall have a minimum of 36 credit units of workload broken into 30 credit units of course work and 6 credit units of research project.
  •  For all postgraduate coursework, the minimum pass score shall be 50%; continuous assessment shall constitute 30% of the examination for each course.
  •  To be in good standing, a student must in each semester have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 2.40.
  •  A student whose Cumulative Grade Point Average is below 2.40 at the end of a particular year of study, shall be placed on probation for one academic session.
  •  Transcript of candidate must be included during submission of application form or forwarded to the PG school before registration.

Mode of Program of MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program is run on the basis of Part-time/full-time.

Elective Courses for Entrepreneurship Studies Specialty First Semester

Second Semester

Elective Courses for Marketing Specialty First Semester

Second Semester

Elective Courses for Finance Specialty First Semester

Second Semester


Candidates must offer a minimum of 36 credit units before graduation For enquiry regarding Master of Business Administration (MBA):- Email: - mbacoordinator.bus@gsu.edu.ng And copy enquiry.bus@gsu.edu.ng, hod.bus@gsu.edu.ng