SN Title Full Name Status Gender Univ. Email Position Qualification Specialization Action
1 Mal. Alhassan Hassan Sulaiman Zambuk Permanent Male Assistant Technologist National Diploma Science Laboratory Technology View Profile
2 Haj. Hauwa Kulu Gebi Permanent Female Head Cleaner PhD. Applied Linguistics View Profile
3 Mal. Ahmad Mohammed Yelwa Permanent Male Senior Cleaner BA. Ed. Education/geography, Population And Manpower Planning View Profile
4 Mrs. Leah Iliya Jalo Permanent Female Senior Cleaner MA Literature In English View Profile
5 Mal. Danladi Aliyu Permanent Male Senior Cleaner MSc. Environmental Management/economics View Profile
6 Mal. Sarki Musa Permanent Male Senior Cleaner MSc. Political Economy View Profile
7 Mrs. Juliet David Aluke Permanent Female Senior Cleaner MA English Language View Profile
8 Mal. Ibrahim Salihi Mukhtar Permanent Male Senior Cleaner MA History View Profile
9 Mrs. Esther Kela Permanent Female Senior Cleaner M.Tech. Aquaculture And Fisheries Management View Profile
10 Mrs. Nayuni Charles Sabe Permanent Female Senior Cleaner MSc. Economics View Profile
11 Alh. Auwalu Baba Permanent Male Laboratory Assistant SSCE Ssce View Profile
12 Haj. Haima Danfulani Gwani Permanent Female Cleaner M.Tech. Fisheries And Applied Hydrobiology View Profile
13 Mr. Edward Folowa Baka Permanent Male Cleaner MSc. Analytical Chemistry View Profile
14 Mr. Timothy Jarumi Aliyu Permanent Male Cleaner M.Ed. English/guidance And Counselling View Profile
15 Mr. Jigai Solomon Takkani Permanent Male Cleaner MSc. Solid State Physics View Profile