SN Title Full Name Gender Univ. Email Position Qualification Specialization Action
1 Mal. Alhassan Hassan Sulaiman Zambuk Male Assistant Technologist National Diploma Science Laboratory Technology View Profile
2 Haj. Hauwa Kulu Gebi Female Chief Cleaner PhD. Applied Linguistics View Profile
3 Alh. Auwalu Baba Male Laboratory Assistant SSCE Ssce View Profile
4 Haj. Haima Danfulani Gwani Female Cleaner M.Tech. Fisheries And Applied Hydrobiology View Profile
5 Mr. Edward Folowa Baka Male Cleaner MSc. Analytical Chemistry View Profile
6 Mr. Timothy Jarumi Aliyu Male Cleaner M.Ed. English/guidance And Counselling View Profile
7 Mr. Jigai Solomon Takkani Male Cleaner MSc. Solid State Physics View Profile