SN Title Full Name Gender Univ. Email Position Qualification Specialization Action
1 Dr. Kennedy Poloma Yoriyo Male Reader PhD. Parasitology And Entomology View Profile
2 Mal. Ismail Muhammad Male Lecturer I M.Tech. Molecular Parasitology/zoology View Profile
3 Mal. Nuru Adamu Garkuwa Male Lecturer I MSc. Hydrobiology (marine) And Fisheries Ecology View Profile
4 Mr. Jacob Philimon Male Lecturer II MSc. Medical Parasitology, Public Health View Profile
5 Mrs. Hassan Suwaiba Kiman Female Lecturer II M.Tech. Zoology/hydrobiology And Fisheries View Profile
6 Mr. Lamogo Yohanna Male Lecturer II MSc. Applied Entomology And Parasitology View Profile
7 Mr. Ezra Abba Male Lecturer II MSc. Zoology/entomology View Profile
8 Mrs. Jemimah Ayuba Female Assistant Lecturer MSc. Applied Entomology And Parasitology View Profile
9 Mal. Ishaku Muhammed Male Assistant Lecturer MSc. Zoology (parasitology) View Profile
10 Mr. Shuaibu Abdulmalik Bala Male Assistant Lecturer MSc. Zoology/entomology View Profile
11 Mal. Sabo Hassan Male Assistant Technologist SSCE Nil View Profile