SN Title Full Name Gender Univ. Email Position Qualification Specialization Action
1 Dr. Lazarus Abore Mbaya Male Reader PhD. Geomorphology, Biogeography, Environmental Management View Profile
2 Dr. Bilkisu Yayaji Ahmed Female Senior Lecturer PhD. Medical Geography/geography View Profile
3 Dr. Bala Bello Wanah Male Senior Lecturer PhD. Fluvial Geomorphology View Profile
4 Dr. Dan Yakubu Male Senior Lecturer PhD. Economic Geography View Profile
5 Mr. Iliya Musa Male Lecturer I MSc. Land Resources/enviromental Management View Profile
6 Dr. Yusuf Umar Ahmad Male Lecturer I PhD. Environmental Analysis View Profile
7 Dr. Michael Abashiya Male Lecturer I PhD. Fluvial Geomorphology/hydrology View Profile
8 Mrs. Grace Ometere Abu Female Lecturer I MSc. Biogeography, Environmental Resource Management View Profile
9 Dr. Sati Rebecca Stephen Female Lecturer I PhD. Population And Man-power Planning View Profile
10 Dr. Idoma Kim Male Lecturer I PhD. Rural Development View Profile
11 Mal. Yusuf Ibrahim Danjuma Male Lecturer II MSc. Rural Development View Profile
12 Mr. Maina Benjamin Male Lecturer II MSc. Environmental Resources And Planning View Profile
13 Mr. Kollos Ngune Paul Male Lecturer II MSc. Hydrology And Water Resources Management View Profile
14 Mal. Muhammed Bello Bashir Male Lecturer II MSc. Environmental Management /geography View Profile
15 Mr. Sule Samuel Male Lecturer II MSc. Hydrology And Quantitative Technique View Profile
16 Mr. Didams Gideon Male Lecturer II MSc. Physical Geography/geomorphology View Profile
17 Mal. Yahaya Ibrahim Male Lecturer II MSc. Physical Geography (climatology) View Profile
18 Mal. Jimoh Abdulwahab Ibrahim Male Lecturer II MSc. Pedology/soil Geography View Profile
19 Mr. Yila Caiaphas Makadi Male Lecturer II MSc. Remote Sensing And Gis View Profile
20 Mrs. Nafisat Auwal Female Assistant Lecturer MSc. Human Geography View Profile
21 Mal. Abdulrashid Abdullahi Male Assistant Lecturer MSc. Enivironmental Management View Profile
22 Mrs. Adamu Mary Baka Female Graduate Assistant BSc. Environmental Resources Management View Profile
23 Mal. Sadeeq Abdulrasheed Male Graduate Assistant MSc. Physical Geography/soil Studies View Profile
24 Mr. Abubakar Bappi Male Senior Science Lab. Technologist MSc. Geology/hydrogeology View Profile
25 Alh. Garba Ibrahim Male Draughtsman National Diploma Cartography View Profile