About the Directorate of General Studies Program

The Directorate of General Studies Program was established by the former Vice Chancellor Professor Umar Musa Ibrahim, OON on 1st August, 2016 (before then, the GENS courses were domicile in various Departments). The curriculum of the Directorate offers a range of compulsory course units designed to expand the students’ academic prospect and enhance their academic and practical skills, including their moral, social and psychological discipline and capacity for a broader vision of life, social tolerance, and enlightened judgment. All these are offered to inculcate in the students awareness on the economic, environmental, political, cultural, and social issues facing the world, and the skills to address them. All the recommended General Studies courses are compulsory to all students. The courses are coordinated centrally and examined in the semester in which they are taught by the Directorate. All the courses are computed as part of the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of every student. In view of the peculiar nature of the General Studies courses, reading manuals are prepared for each course to enable students to understand the GENS courses better. The reading manuals are unique collections put together to give a first hand, and practical over-view of General Studies. The GENS lecturers have carefully selected the topics to reflect the syllabus as contained in the course content prepared based on the National Universities Commission Minimum Bench Mark.

Objectives of the Directorate

Among the objectives of the Directorate is to provide a cross disciplinary teaching and instruction which are intended to get students and graduates of Gombe State University to make substantial gain in critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing skills. At present, the Directorate is striving hard to convert from the traditional mode of teaching to electronic e-teaching and learning as well as ‘E’ assessment especially the Computer Based Testing (CBT). This transformation will fast track teaching and learning and make it easy and convenient for both the teachers and the students of Gombe State University.

Activities of the Directorate

The Directorate of General Studies Program is saddle with the responsibility of teaching and coordinating all the General Studies courses in the university as stipulated by National Universities Commission (NUC). In order to satisfy the requirements for the award of a degree, a postgraduate and an undergraduate student must register for, and pass all required departmental courses as well as the prescribed courses of the General studies Program listed below.
  • GENS 101 Communication in English
  • GENS 102 Communication in English II
  • GENS 103 Communication in French
  • GENS 103 Communication in Arabic
  • GENS 104 Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
  • GENS 106 Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence
  • GENS 201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Studies
  • GENS 202 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  • GENS 203 History and Philosophy of Science
  • GENS 204 Nigerian People, Cultures and Community Service
  • GENS 301 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skills
  • PGGS 701/801 Advance Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
  • PGGS 702/802 Entrepreneurship Development
From the inception of the Directorate in August 2016 to date, the unit was involved in the following activities:
  •  Before the development of the online compiler by the Directorate of ICT, the directorate of General studies developed a website/portal for student’s registration of all the GENS courses. This has helped the Directorate in having a comprehensive list of students that registered for all the GENS courses. It also helped the Directorate to prepare for lecture time table, class attendance, C.A and examination effectively and efficiently. The address is (www.gsugens.ed.ng) now the portal was suspended.
  •  Development of lecture manuals for all the GENS courses to enable the students to understand the GENS courses better.
  •  Development of students prospectus for the students to abreast themselves with the guidelines, rules and regulations of the Directorate and the university. A Copy is attached to this report.
  •  Set in place lecturer monitoring and assessment sheet which gives the Directorate an avenue for easy supervision of GENS lectures and monitoring the progress of lectures and lecturers. A sample copy of the monitoring sheet is attached.
  •  Introduction of central Continue Assessment Test for all the GENS courses. This gives an opportunity for the Directorate to identify the errors and develop on the weakness in preparation for the final semester examinations.
  •  At the beginning of each session the directorate organises workshop for all GENS course lecturers on “Test Item Development” this is to enhance and develop their skills on test construction and marking of test/examination scripts.
  •  Float a journal in the Directorate called (Gombe Journal of General Studies) the 1st and the 2nd volume is out in October 2017 and December 2018 respectively we are working on the 3rd volume and will be publish in December 2019. The journal is online and can be access through www.gjgs.com.ng the hard copy of the 1st and 2nd volume of the journal is attached
  •  Mark, compute and distributes results of all programs within ten days after the final examination.
  •  Introduce Student Community Service (SCS) where all 200 level students that registered for GENS 204 are engage in cleaning and picking of polythene bags in and around the university campus.

Names of GENS Coordinator

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S/N Gens Course Code Course Tittle Name of Coordinator Department/Unit
1 GENS 101 & 102 Communication in English I & II Dr Abel Adiba ENGLISH
2 GENS 103 A Communication inArabic Rabiu I. Yusuf RELIGIOUS STUDIES
3 GEN 103 B Communication in French Abdulkarim Musa Yola ENGLISH
4 GENS 104 Use of Library &ICT Umar Shayibu LIBRARY UNIT
5 GENS 106 Philosophy, logic andHuman Existence Peter Er Luka EDUCATION
6 GENS 201 Introduction toEntrepreneurship Studies Rabiah Shehu Na Allah BUSINESS ADM.
7 GENS 202 Peace Studies andConflict Resolution Shadreack Danbaba T. POL. SCIENCE
8 GENS 203 History andPhilosophy of Science Patrick Ayim CHEMISTRY
9 GENS 204 Nigerians People,Culture and Community Service Sani Rabiu SOCIOLOGY
10 PGGS 701/801 Advance Use ofLibrary & ICT Mohd Musa LIBRARY UNIT
11 PGGS 702/802 Entrepreneurship Development Yakubu Ali BUSINESS ADM