The Department came to existence in the 2005/2006 session and started with twenty three students drawn from UME/pre-degree (Remedial) to study B.Sc. Business Administration. Since the environment is changing from time to time it is necessary to adapt to changes with regard to the number and quality of students admitted into the department. Given the possibilities that the chosen strategy might always lead to the achievement of departmental objectives as envisaged hereinafter, there is a desire need for an effective system of continuous monitoring and adjustment of the plans to enable the department to cope with the changing realities. This would ensure that actions taken would lead to the desired result.


The Business Administration programme provides students with an education of enduring value which enhance their awareness and understanding of the environment as well as the opportunity for self-sustenance and self-fulfillment within such environment. The programme also provide knowledge needed for the understanding and analysis of problems related to the management of industrial, commercial and other forms of human organization. Generally, the B.Sc. Business Administration Programme helps the students to acquire skills needed for recognizing and defining problems and taking appropriate decision by using scientific techniques. It is also designed to trained students towards the acquisition of skills and abilities that will enable them to be self-employed, job creators and fit well into the labour market at the end of their studies. It is also geared towards providing students with sound academic background and the development of entrepreneurship on which further studies can be built.